Did you start running in 2024 only to realize it sucks?

We’re halfway into the new year, and we’re sure new runners & resolutioners have already gone through at least one ebb-and-flow cycle of running. This is natural, your affinity to the habit and the sport will continuously oscillate, but there are some ways to make those “I don’t want to run” runs a bit more manageable.

Here’s seven recommendations to reduce friction and make running more bearable.

1. Tiny Shorts

Honestly, clothes get in the way, and here at UBRC, we wanna feel nakey when running, just trust on this one. Yeah it’s embarrassing but you’ll get over it. Wear what makes you comfortable, but remember, nobody cares what you look like when running so just go for comfort. And, of course, we all know the dumber you look the faster you are.

2. Slow the f**k down ( ! )

There’s no benefit to rushing yourself, move at a breathing pace and your pace will naturally get faster. This will also protect you from overusing your muscles and allow your body to naturally get into the feeling of running.

3. Start warm

Nah, I don’t mean spend an extra 15min jogging in place in your apartment. If it’s cold, wear a hoodie or some layers, if things get too steamy on the run, you can always wrap them around your waist. Alternatively, you can stash them in a bush if you’re on an out-and-back route. Starting a run cold is NOT a vibe. Sometimes the best runs are in your coziest hoodie early in the morning, hood up, with headphones in. Trotting along.

4. Secret dance party

We see running as a secret dance party- an acceptable way to dance in public. check out our ubrc 2024 playlist. we recommend dnb cuz the tempos right but listen to your favorites. Another thing we like to do is the “Album Run”, where you put on a new album or a favorite, and run from the beginning to the end of the album. Walk if needed, slow down, and enjoy the music. This can make a run into so much more than just the activity of running. It becomes hobby-time, too.

5. Expressive hike

Run to explore is one of our mottos here. Running itself kinda sucks, let’s be honest. There are more easy and chill ways to spend your time, but to me, running as a form of transportation can be the best way to interpret the sport. Trail runs are god-tier in this sense, but a good park run is almost as good. Another way a run can be an exploration is to spend meaningful time alone or with friends, exploring your own mind or your buddies’.

6. Know when to call it or walk it

Your body knows when it’s getting overworked, good time to end the run and walk home. Walking helps build all those same muscles and will keep you from getting injured. Stop the workout tracker, or keep it going. You already put in the work, nobody can take that from you.

7. Time is key

NOT pace. not in the sense that your pace needs to be fast, moreso in the sense that the amount of time you spend out there is more important than distance. We recommend getting out there for 15 minutes, to start. Doesn’t matter if you do less than a mile. Just get outside and move in a direction for 15 minutes. Whether you’re brand new to the sport or you’re having a terrible day, 15 minutes of movement is a great segue into running happiness down the line.


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