Album Run Review: Peggy Gou – I Hear You

The queen of the decks delivers again. With teasing hits off the album like (It Goes Like) Nanana and I Go on socials made this a much anticipated dance record of the year. I think this is the music we all needed going into this late summer bloom. Take this album on vacation with you and groove the night away. While running, it’s a journey of chasing horizons and pacing yourself to PRs. I was able to focus on pace and letting my mind go blank. This is also an easy listen for long short runs (40 min long) with the last half being full of fun atmospheric beats. Some highlights on the back half include Lobster Telephone and 1+1=11. The beginning intro sets the motivation and then it kicks into unknown foreign language duets that drop bass face. I recommend this for a pregame disco or casual Sunday relax. Plug in your noise cancellers and put one foot in front of the next. Don’t forget to fist bump and finger flick your way through your next workout.

Score: 8.7/10

Other Albums I listened to on my recent runs:

1. Phantastic Ferniture – Phantastic Ferniture

2. Cub Sport – This is Our Vice

3. Shannon & the Clams – Dreams in the Rat House

4. Kings of Leon – Only by the Night

5. The Strokes – Room on Fire


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