Brooks Glycerin 21 Stealth Fit REVIEW

GRIPPY: 8/10

I road tested them several times before taking them on trail. I think the outsole is perfect even for my wider foot stance. I also had no slip on soft trail and very much appreciated the control of this shoe.

BOUNCY: 7/10

The DNA loft is in your advantage even though out the box it doesn’t feel that responsive. When bringing this shoe to high speeds the “plush DNA LOFT v3 cushioning is stacked 2mm higher than before for added comfort on and off the run.”

SPEEDY: 8.5/10

The bounce responds greatly in all situations and why it’s ranked so high on the speed scale. I haven’t done any intense interval training with it but sits perpendicular to the Zoom X foam.

COMFY: 6/10

I’m not into much of a true fit and even tightening sock feeling overall. I felt as if it was barefoot running and not much of an addition to my body but maybe my true to size consolidation was overmatched and could have done with a .5 size up. I think when I want a road shoe it should have some breathing room so my experience here was a littler lower.

SWAGGY: 6/10

I do love the color design team over at Brooks and their bold decisions. I will link my favorite colors in the pictures below. I truly think this shoe has so much potential but for look on foot it still fits tight and not sure if that works with my style.

Final OVERALL: 83%

I want to believe the regular fit would work better for me even the ghost series seems like the better option in my opinion. But for improvement and costumer feedback this is a shoe worth trying looking at an everyday 5-miler that will leave your feet with smiles for miles. Run Happy!


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