Top 5 Running Brands 2024

05. Ciele

One of the OGs of new age culture but recently revamped their branding and social presence not so much colorful branding in REI but more emphasis on staple pieces found rooted in the community. New marathon series is 🔥.

04. UVU

This company changed the photography direction for all brands with a crazy cult group aura. But their clothing, singlets, and other tights really sparked the darkness of running into the bright pink suits. We want to be noticed because we can be suffering and also having fun while running .

03. Bandit

Real wholesome content coming from this team up in Brooklyn. First one that blew up on TikTok and bringing the community together. Love all the work Joe Greer is accomplishing with this group. They also offer a membership program with cool benefits.

02. Janji

Finally this brand is getting some notice in the greater trail and roads around town. 👏 Big things coming from their color design team. Their hats fit amazing and hip packs look so cool on body. Taking the outdoor voices approach and making the product first.

01. Satisfy

This is the brand I’m sending to all my friends. Their collabs and dirt surf attitude is such a big BOOM on a historical boring industry. But their pro runners especially Matt and Max bring the meme culture to Strava which makes others take it less serious. Their product costs a lot but if you wear it I bet you will care less and run far. Also check out their YouTube vids!

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